Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Silly, Silly Puppy

With the very big caveat that I DO NOT leave Maeve outside, unattended, and tied to a tree, she's starting to remind me of Mindy from the Animaniacs classic cartoon, "Buttons and Mindy".  Even the haircut isn't far off.

In case you are unfamiliar, Mindy is a toddler whose safety is the responsibility of Buttons the dog - I think he's meant to be a collie.  He spends all of each episode trying desperately to preserve her life from passing trains, construction sites, and other places that are a toddler's mother's nightmare.  At the end of each episode, Mindy looks fondly at Buttons and says "Silly puppy!"

Maeve thinks everything is silly.  If I am looking for something in the kitchen and can't find it, she can be found watching me fondly, saying "Silly Mommy!"  Most of the time her 'silly' targets are quite rightly so: Paddington Bear, Mr. Noodle from Elmo's World, Goofy, Brobee, and other kid's characters have certainly earned the moniker.  But it's kind of funny to hear her use it about, say, 'silly' trees with snow on them, or 'silly' dishwasher that makes a lot of noise.

And the thing is, too, her delivery is just about spot on, she sounds so much like Mindy, I wonder if she's somehow discovered Animaniacs without my involvement.  Which would really be fine, as long as she isn't wandering around the tops of skyscrapers with no one but a dog looking out for her.

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