Monday, March 11, 2013

Make a House!

Maeve's current favorite game involves some version of building a little space for her to hide in out of pillows and blankets.  She spent all weekend trying to cajole every visitor to our house to come help me make a house, with a small measure of success.

It reminded me that this week, we will have lived in our beautiful home for a year.  And what a glorious year it has been, really.  There's absolutely nothing like making the change from temporary housing to more permanence, and four walls that don't touch anyone else's.  I have loved this house every single day we have lived it it.  I have loved stringing laundry on the back deck, chasing Maeve through every square inch of the yard, watching the rabbits be fruitful and multiply, eating herbs and tomatoes from my own garden, and listening to the heavenly chorus of birds that migrate through or stick out the winter.

A kind friend told me this weekend that I'm good at making a house into a home.  It was a very sweet thing to say, and it made me feel like I've been doing my job in that regard.  I certainly don't do wonderfully at making a home into a clean house, but that goal isn't all that high on my list, unless people are coming over.  I'm one of those lucky people who can just enjoy hanging out with her kiddo and not be constantly stressed over the condition of the carpets, counters, etc., and I tend to just go with it.

It's a whole lot more work than piling pillows on a toddler, but I still, every day, wake up grateful to be in this house, and grateful to my husband for helping make that happen.  I got really lucky in finding this place, and am lucky to share it with my family.   

At the inspection, a view of the living room and dining area
At Christmas time, same two windows.

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  1. I can't believe you've been there a year! I am so glad you were able to find such a wonderful house. Mike and I loved it when we came to visit. I bet you've had a lot of people come through your doors! Blessings on the many years to come. :-)