Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Our Own

So Daddy is going to be gone next week to Texas on business, and Maeve and I will muddle through our days on our own.  I'm not precisely looking forward to it, but we are getting better at managing the solo days, both of us.  My first trick is to drop my expectations way down to sea level.  Things start going badly, we have a rough day, I have to take it in stride, chalk it up to surviving life without Daddy, and not assume that every day is going to be terrible from now on.

Also, I surround myself with playdates, for Maeve and for me.  We both need the extra interaction and diversion from missing him.  And for all of you who come cheer me up or keep me company when Daddy is gone, you know who you are, I'm extremely grateful for you.  You make my days brighter and the nights shorter.

This time around we should be able to Skype with Daddy while he's gone, which will, more than likely, devolve into Monitor Hide and Seek, or Maeve demanding that Daddy smooch her face, hands, feet, belly button, etc. via the camera.  She likes Skype and so do I, but it's the worst when it's over.

No, I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but we'll do fine.  And if you see me on Facebook even more than usual, give me a little hello and a chat, and I'll be most grateful.

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