Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sounding it Out

Read: To examine and grasp the meaning of written or printed characters, words, or sentences.

So I'm not certain we can say that Maeve is exactly reading, but she is successfully sounding out words.  At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, I did a little experiment of my own - I found a short, simple word written in an accessible spot, and asked her what it said.  She sounded out all four letters - P A S T.  Then she tried again: P A ST - she put the last two together.  Then she looked at me, and said, "Past?"

I gave her a big hug and a high five and told her she was right, the word was past.  Then I tried to explain what the past is; since we were in the dinosaur area, this wasn't too hard.  But I was kind of floored.  She did it!  I think we're at the point where she can sound out and interpret simple words, which is a great beginning. And oh, the doors this key will unlock!  I mean, butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high!

Didn't I just give birth to this baby... oh yeah, three years ago almost.  Yikes.

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