Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Girl is Three!

I honestly don't know how it's possible that I was pregnant more than three years ago now.  I still put my hand on my stomach when I get a funny feeling in there and expect to feel the flutter of a hand or a foot.  And I still turn my head when a tiny baby cries out, wondering if it's mine.  It's true what people say, that time passes ridiculously quickly when you're a parent.  Or, to be more accurate, the first year of your baby's life takes about eight years, and the rest goes by like lightening.  I still remember how hard that first year was for us.

But then I turned my head, closed my eyes for a second, and now my itty bitty baby is three.  She is such a kid these days, with all the joy and frustration that brings.  She has always been utterly full to bursting with her own personality and that hasn't changed at all in these past three years. 

She has always had a deep love and fascination for space and for trees- she said 'hi' to the moon and to trees since she learned how to wave, and did it much more reliably for trees than for people.  She has always been reserved, sometimes downright grumpy with strangers, but once she has claimed you for her own, will lead you around by the finger for hours.  She has always looked at the world through the eyes of a scientist, and I love that about her.

When they handed her to me, in my drugged-up state, she let out a cry that sounded like "Yeah", so I said yeah right back to her.  And even now, sometimes my most important job is just to say her own words back to her, to become a reflection of herself and teach her what the next step is.  You guys know, she is my best adventure, my wildest dreams walking around on two legs.  And I am still amazed, every day.

36 week ultrasound
3 weeks old
About a year
A little her two year birthday party

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