Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Everybody's Going Surfing Lullaby

So, just in passing, while Maeve and I were playing with Play-doh, Daddy had made a surfboard, and I busted out the Beach Boys' Surfing USA.  Maeve listened, entranced, then asked me to sing it again, about eight times.  I kept thinking the novelty would soon wear off.

Then there I was, sitting by her bedside, asking her what lullaby she wanted to hear.  I hear a tiny voice ask me, Surfing song?

So now, several times a day, I get to sing about how if everybody had a notion across the USA, then everybody'd be surfing, like Califor-ni-a.  I'll tell you what, though, I skip all those choruses that just name surfing beaches while everybody else sings Inside Outside USA because that gets kind of boring, even for a lullaby.  And it's kind of funny, you know, Maeve's only been to the ocean once, at Brighton in England.  Soooo, this whole surfing thing is all in her head.

My little free spirit

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