Friday, May 17, 2013

Maeve and Super Heroes

So, I couldn't think of much to write about today, but I thought I'd just do a quickie on why I let Maeve watch Super Hero Squad on Netflix.  I mean, not that many three year old girls are into the Hulk, but oddly enough, I know another one.  Maeve's friend T has loved the Hulk for I'd say a couple years now.  She used to think he lived at Target because as a promo for the movie, they did adhesive Hulk footprints around the toy aisle, and now she tells everyone the Hulk is her boyfriend.  It's pretty cute.

Maeve hasn't gone so far as to imagine dating the Hulk, but every time I ask her who her favorite Super Hero is on the Squad, she tells me The big guy.  And when I ask her if she means the big, green guy, she says yes.  So she hasn't learned his name yet, but she thinks he's funny.

I let Maeve watch Super Hero Squad for a couple of reasons, for one, because her dad loves a lot of those characters, and it gives them something to enjoy together.  Also, considering the subject matter, it's not a very violent show, nor does it often employ words I don't want her using. (i.e. Stupid, idiot, hate, etc)  It's generally a very clean, funny, totally random show with lots of comic references that go over my head, and a few that I catch.  But I kind of love Captain America, he's like a cross between Captain Kirk and The Tick.

Anyway, happy Friday, friends, and if your kid is into it, I say give Super Hero Squad a chance.  It's not remotely educational, but it's pretty fun.

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