Monday, May 20, 2013

Smell my Butt, Mom!

Yeah, this is a sort of pre-potty training post, so if you can't handle those kinds of things, you may want to leave now.  I will add, there is nothing disgusting in this post, either, just funny.

In just a week from today, we plan on beginning to bootcamp-potty train the child.  This means a whole week, if necessary, on the porch for most of the day, with just underwear on and a potty standing by, with enforced visits every half hour or so.  The reason is that if I want to get her started in preschool this fall, she will need to be potty trained by then, and also, I think she is ready, just not willing.

Oh, she wants to wear the cute, big-girl undies, she just doesn't want to do her business on the potty.  Well, we'll see if we can change all that.  Daddy will be home with me all next week, so I'll have some backup, and we'll make another sticker chart, too. 

So last night, while we had a friend over, (a thankfully very understand friend), Maeve decided she wanted to take her pants off. Fine.  Then her diaper.  So I told her she should go put some undies on.  So she did.  There was a lot of flaunting of the Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck undies.  Then I did a quick check, after a few minutes, to see if she was still dry.  She was so proud of herself, she started bellowing, Smell my butt, Mom, I'm dry!

I couldn't stop laughing.  I know I shouldn't have laughed if I didn't want to keep hearing that phrase for the next week, but it was too late, she had cracked me up mightily.  So, visitors to our house be warned - you may encounter a half-naked child giggling and asking you to smell her butt - however, I don't recommend it!

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