Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Murphy's Blog Writing Law

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" - Murphy

You may be unaware that there is a Murphy's law in effect for bloggers.  Moms know about this, which is why we almost always refuse to discuss our children's napping habits, because the minute we tell somebody how great our kid is sleeping, they immediately suspend good sleep behavior and turn into night owls.

For bloggers, it means that when I write about how much I love Maeve, how I adore seizing every beautiful moment with her, then I am doomed to be short-tempered, anxious, and mostly crazy for the rest of the day, becoming the opposite of my blogging persona.

This definitely happened yesterday.  I felt so serene after I posted my blog (the child was not yet awake), and we had a good morning up until I had to nearly drag her out of the store where I work.  She had a meltdown that started at 11 and did not end until 12 30, at which point I gave up on trying to get her to nap. 

Then I just kept trying to find ways to keep her busy where we didn't have to interact much, because I was all out of patience and nice-mommy juice.  Upon reflection, some coffee might have been in order.  At any rate, when Daddy got home, I stuck around just long enough for him to get a few important things done, then I flew the coop.

After an hour and a half of thrift store and Asian grocery store therapy, I felt ready to return and put the child to bed.  I'm just so grateful to have a husband who senses when I'm about to go mad and sends me away, and I'm grateful for the giant mojito I made myself after the lights went out upstairs.  You have to get through the day any way you can, as kindly and safely as possible, and I think I did that yesterday.   Today?  Don't jinx it.

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