Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can Wall-E be Scared?

So Maeve is very into exploring emotional situations by proxy.  We didn't teach her to do this, I think it's her very own way of coping with situations she's concerned about.  But after seeing a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episode where Daniel was afraid of a lumpy-bump under a blanket, and subsequently, shadows on the wall, Maeve loves to play "Wall-E and Eve are Scared."

Daddy or I have to bring Wall-E and Eve to the guest bedroom, where Maeve instructs them to be scared, either of a lumpy bump in the bed or shadows on the wall.  Of course, the shadows are from the hangars, but she's now under the impression that all shadows have at least the possibility of being scary.  Then Wall-E and Eve have to pretend to be frightened, and Maeve comforts them, and shows them how there's nothing under the blanket, and the shadows are just shadows. 

Then we repeat the situation... for up to an hour.  Daddy and I try mightily to stay engaged in this game, but for us, it gets old, fast.  But we stick with it because we know that Maeve is sorting out her fears ahead of time, and that this practice may be what's keeping her from coming into our bedroom at night, reporting various fears. 

Oh, also, I wanted to show you, Eve got a makeover.  She may be a robot, but that's no excuse for not having a sense of style.  Forgive the blurring, but she is sporting a pair of my daughter's drawers.

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