Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making Something is Love

 There's a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood song which says "Making something is one way to say I love you."  The first time I heard it, I felt a deep happiness in my heart, because that is so much of my job as a mom.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, clean clothes, fun ideas for what to do, special crafts, scrapbooking, writing this blog, these are all things I make to say I love you

So when Maeve made me a necklace yesterday, my heart did another little flutter.  She even sang me the song, so I knew for sure that she had made me the necklace because she loves me.  I proudly wore it all day, even though at one point she tried to demand it back while she and I were at work, because she "misses me" when I'm working, even though she's ten feet from me and gets plenty of attention.

Anyway, as a mom, there's not much that's sweeter than when you kiddo makes you something, even if you have a very hard time discerning what exactly that item is supposed to be or do.  Maeve also "wrote" I Love You, Mom in magnetic letters for me yesterday, although it was a pretty good jumble of numbers and letters so I'm glad she was there to translate it for me.  It's a sweet stage, and I'm enjoying it.

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  1. Im not sure how to contact you, but I wanted to tell you about the Margaret W Carpenter Recreation Center PARK that they just opened with a carousel, paddle boats and 2 million $$ park!! ITs amazing, check it out! Best park in colorado I would say.. it looks like something out of doctor seuss!

    Your blog is awesome, thanks!!