Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Maeve is Super

"The measure of a superhero is always his nemesis." -David Lyons  (bedtime?) 

For some reason, just before bed these past two nights, mild-mannered Maeve has undergone a transformation.  She'll sit up and look around, seemingly out of nowhere, and proclaim, "Where's my Superhero cape?"  (This is the cape I made for her Wonderpets themed birthday, which she informed me at the time she didn't like.)  With a little help, she'll put it on, then start flying around the house, rescuing people and making sure things are safe.

Last night she rescued Daddy and I, and put us in a room she informed us was safe, where we could live together.  Then, despite her reassurances of safety, some pillows unexpectedly fell on our heads, trapping us, until Super Maeve removed them.  That was a close call.

And it tends to carry over into bedtime activities; as I was holding open her nighttime pull-up two nights ago, she stepped into it and said, "Thank you, Super Mom!"  Sometimes when I'm in her presence, I'm transmuted into a superhero, too, I guess.

I love seeing her fly around the house saving people, and I'm glad she doesn't think that kind of activity is for boys alone.  Keep up the good work, Super Maeve!

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