Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poem Published in Mamalode

I'm not new to being published online, I've been getting work published by others on the internet since I was in college, but a print publication is a whole different ball of wax.

I received a copy of the magazine in which my poem appeared in the mail last night, and just opening that manila envelope started a thrilling feeling inside of me.  I quickly flipped through the magazine, impressed with its professionalism and look, and found my poem very early on in its pages.

Now, this particular type of submission is not paid, although Mamalode has paid me nicely for some online submissions.  But it's a kind of pay to see a poem of mine in a mom's magazine, with my name trailing after, with little invisible clouds of glory.

So today I'll share the poem with you, since most of you don't receive Mamalode:

Always You

You are a pinprick of light
in the canvas of the universe
and the light of a hundred suns
shines through.

You are the swell at the apex of the
symphony that carries away people's
hearts and makes the tears come up in the
corners of their eyes.

You are the wind that blows past my ears on the swings,
the rush of joy from movement and momentum that
makes a grown woman giggle.

You are the sleepy sunrise and the dead-tired sunset of
my everyday.

You are the most You that anyone could ever be, because
you don't know how to be anyone else, and so being
with you is like being with a river, swelling its banks in the

How lucky I am to walk along your shores, to observe and
celebrate all that you are.

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