Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Real Song, Please

So our friend and Maeve's Godmother, Miss B, came to watch Maeve the other night while we went out on a date.  Maeve and Miss B get along like gangbusters until bedtime, when Maeve pulls out all the stops.  I think it's because she just doesn't want to stop playing with her friend, which I understand, but Miss B gets all the theatrics, crazy ideas, and all the other delaying tactics Maeve has in her repertoire.

And Miss B will put up with it, to a point, and then she'll buckle down and get the child into bed, by hook or by crook.  But this last time we were gone, Maeve came up with a doozy.  Miss B sang her usual song to Maeve, whereupon Maeve turned to her and patronizingly said, "That song is nice.  But can I have a real song now?" 

Miss B tried very hard not to laugh out loud, and just told her that her song was real, it just wasn't one of the usual songs that Mommy sings.  But oh, my kiddo, what a stitch she is sometimes!

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