Friday, July 26, 2013

A Statement of Faith

I believe in asking for help when I need it,
I believe in giving help before it's asked for.
I believe there are good things waiting for me in my life,
I believe in going out and looking for them.
I believe that food and listening are gifts of ministry,
I believe my ministry is being a good friend and parent.
I believe in my own resilience and strength,
and I believe in the strength of others that buoys me up. 

I trust that there are many, many good people in the world,
I trust that I am raising a bright, beautiful, good person myself.
I trust my own heart to be the rudder of my ship,
I trust that my ship will find its way home.

I have hope for my daughter's future,
and for the future of mankind.
I hope we can overcome our hurts and blindness,
and find a better, cleaner, brighter world together.
I have hope, however foolishly, for Utopia,
For all of us recognizing the spark in each other.

I will fall into the arms of my own future,
and trust that I am enough, and so are you.

Watched this last night, she was making me think about my own values, hence the poem. 

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