Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Early Morning, Lights On

The day shall not be up so soon as I,
To try the fair adventure of tomorrow.
~William Shakespeare

She's really got me stumped on this one.

Every day for the past 5-6 days when we've woken up, Maeve has already been up and turned on all the lights in the house.  When I ask her why, I get a bouquet of answers, which makes it hard to believe any single one.  She had a bad dream, she had a good dream, she just woke up, she wanted to play, she was cold, she was hot, etc.

So my next move is to push back bedtime, and maybe that will work.  We already have lights on a timer that come on when she's allowed to get up, and she's getting 10 hours of sleep at night and 2 in the afternoon, and 12 is about right for her age.  I think it's possible her sleep patterns early in the morning are just easily disrupted, that she's easily awakened during the cycle that happens early in the morning.  But I'm over it.

I would like to solve it, though.  Soon.


  1. Not sure that it will make you feel better about the early morning thing...but a story worthy of a chuckle or two: Saturday night I was DEAD asleep (stayed the weekend in Strasburg). All of a sudden I heard someone walk into the bedroom (not unusually as the boys often default to using the master bathroom at night)...they walked into the bathroom, closed the door, turned on the light, and then I heard all sorts of rustling around. About when I thought to get up and check on who ever it was, the light turned off, the door opened, and the someone walked back out of the bedroom. Weird, but I was too sleepy to care. Five minutes later the same thing happened!! Only this time the shower got turned on and then right back off. Then the light again was turned off, the door opened, but this time the person just stood in the bathroom door. Thus came the "I should actually wake up and figure out what is going on" moment. Not knowing who it was, I used the very helpful phrase "what's up buddy?" PJ's (8 years old) little voice answered and this was our conversation:
    PJ - nothing
    Me - are you feeling ok?
    PJ - yeah
    Me - what are you doing?
    PJ - I wanted to take a shower
    Me - but PJ you took a shower right before you went to there a reason you need to take another one?
    PJ - no just wanna.
    Me - you sure you're feeling ok?
    PJ - yeah
    Me - ok then it's the middle of the night so it's time for sleeping.
    PJ - ok
    He then walked off to bed and stayed there the rest of the night...this all happened at 2:15am!!!! Who just wants to take a shower at 2:15 in the morning??? I asked him about it in the morning to see if he'd been sleep walking. He remembers the conversation...although I wonder if he was dreaming about taking a shower and got wet and woke himself up when he actually turned on the shower. Who knows...but it was silly...expect the part where I had a hard time getting back to sleep and thus was VERY tired Sunday!