Monday, September 23, 2013

Maeve and her Grandpas

"I think the great thing about grandparents is seeing another home, realising that people you love can have different priorities, different diversions, different opinions and lead quite different lives from the ones you see every day, and that is immensely valuable." -Simon Hoggart 

I know I wrote a few weeks ago about how much Maeve loves her Grandpa Dale, but this week I was just thinking about how much she loves them both, probably because she kept bringing it up.

On our way to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Maeve asked if we could meet Grandpa Scott there.  And as my dad says, that's a very likely place to meet him... if he didn't live in England and all.  But she was so excited about the idea, we decided to pretend Grandpa Scott was with us, and go see the exhibits he would be interested in, too.  And she mentioned to me later that day that Grandpa Scott has a smiley face behind his beard, which is true.

Over the weekend, Maeve also informed us she'd like to have a truck, just like Grandpa Dale, when she gets big enough to drive.  Needless to say, Grandpa Dale was pretty tickled when I told him that.  Maeve loves that truck and seems to consider it an extension of Grandpa Dale's personality, which I guess it is, in a way. 

I'm glad she loves her grandpas, as they are very dear to us, too.

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