Friday, September 20, 2013

Special Moon Festival Night

"The moon, the moon, it shines so bright
On this super special Moon Festival night.
The moon, the moon, shine down on me,
You're what we're all here to see." - Kai Lan's Moon Festival

I had just come home from a long shift at work and I was tired and frustrated with Maeve for her various naughty end-of-day behaviors, but after some food and a little break, I was ready to celebrate.  It looked cloudy and we kept telling Maeve we didn't know if we were going to see the moon at all.

We started by trying out the moon cakes; we had to get nutty ones because the alternative is moon cakes filled with egg yolk, which Maeve couldn't have.  The nutty ones taste oddly like fruitcake.

Once the moon cakes had been nibbled, we got our lanterns ready for our walk to go see the moon.  Maeve and I made these earlier in the week by painting strips of tissue paper with glue and applying them to a balloon.  Yesterday, we popped the balloons and only the lantern shapes were left, then we put LED tea light candles in them.  Voila! Perfect lanterns!

We took our lanterns on a dusk walk down to the creek path closeby, where we hoped to see the moon.  When we came around the corner, there it was, golden and huge!  Sadly, our camera doesn't do it justice.

Maeve was very excited, and it was infectious!  I know I felt elated when we suddenly saw that beautiful moon.

We had a wonderful night together, celebrating fall and the full moon.  Maeve and I made our wishes, and we all went home to bed.

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