Monday, October 21, 2013

Befriending a New Doll

I had given up on Maeve ever making friends with a doll.  I mean, she has a ballerina Barbie that she occasionally twirls, but it just seemed to me she wasn't cut out for dolls.  But this weekend at the Flea Market, I spotted a doll with an intriguing, different-looking face.  When I asked the seller, she told me $10, which was more than I wanted to spend, so I let it go.

On our way back to the car, Maeve was cranky and tearful, as it seemed a nap was in her near future.  Grandma Vicki snuck off and purchased the doll I'd been eyeballing and brought her to Maeve to see if her attitude would improve, and amazingly, it did!

As we found out, the doll is a Fancy Nancy, so I'll have to check out those books at the library and see if Maeve likes them at all.  The doll herself is just beautiful, with a coat, dress, and shoes that Maeve has discovered all come off.  It turned out that dollies need to be dressed the same as their owners, so I improvised a nightgown, but now I'll have my eye out for 18 inch doll clothes.

Nancy, as it turns out, likes a lot of the same things Maeve does: going down the slide, riding on the new swing, going for rides in the car, etc.  So Maeve blows more of my conceptions of her out of the water, and I'm perfectly delighted.

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