Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thinking I'm Gonna Chop

Here's the conundrum.  I loved my hair short, but got tired of not being able to "do" anything with it, so I grew it out.  It took two years, but now that it's "out", I realize, I never do anything with it and I want it short again.  It's possible I've become caught in some kind of two-year hair cycle.  Two years of short hair, two years of growth, then two years of short hair again.

But when it's short, I just don't have to think about it.  It takes less product, it curls better, and it looks like I did something with it when I didn't.  And at this stage in my parenting and in my level of caring about how I look, being able to do almost nothing with my hair and have it look like I did something carries a high value.

Also, I like how it looks when it's short.  It feels authentic to my personality to have short hair.  Whereas schleppy bun/ponytail just feels like Tired Mom Me.

Although I am not dying it red again, as I don't feel I can justify dying my hair when my daughter's hair is the exact same shade as mine, this is the difference, right here.  Just check it and see.

So all this to say: next time you see me, my hair might be short again.  The end.

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