Friday, November 8, 2013

Bug Pizza, Tiny Hands

I believe we have entered the age of the explainer.  Maeve is heck-bent on explaining every vocabulary word and natural phenomenon she encounters, generally with a very creative yet wildly inaccurate definition.  She likes to add little incidental facts to support her conclusions, too, which would work better if they made more sense.

Me: This dessert is spectacular.
Maeve: (thoughfully) Spectacular means... sort of... sticky.  But only in the summertime.

Yesterday Maeve explained to my aunt that insects have tiny hands at the end of their legs, and that they only live outside and eat pizza.  Bug pizza, she insisted.  We don't argue with these explanations unless she actually asks us a question, because it's simply not worth debunking her fascinating notions. 

And really, they're an incredible window into how her mind works.

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