Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Pictures and Weddings

I am going to bypass the uninteresting yet highly annoying fact that my daughter woke at 5 again, for the third day in a row, and tell you about our weekend, which was more fun and entertaining.

On Saturday, we had our family pictures done.  When I told the cashier at Target earlier that morning that family pictures were in my plans for the day, (she asked), she related to me that family pictures didn't sound like fun to her.  Well, obviously, she's 18.  But I informed her that they're fun for ME.

We went to a lovely local park called Majestic View park in Arvada that really lives up to its name, and our friend/photographer got some really beautiful shots.  I have only seen two, but I am holding my breath in excitement till the whole giant file of photos hits our Dropbox.  I know it will be amazing!  And Maeve got to say CHEESE over and over, which is the best way to get a genuine smile out of her.  Right now if you ask her to smile, she closes her lips and turns up the corners of her mouth, which my Mom used to call a Frog Smile.  It doesn't look natural.  But CHEESE gets you the wrinkled nose, the happy eyes, the whole nine yards.  I love it.

Sunday was my friend Pam's wedding, and although Maeve's attitude did not allow her to come to the ceremony, we still dressed her up and brought her to the reception, where petulance and yelling are more tolerated.  She wore a very special dress I'd picked for the occasion, and she looked like a million bucks.  And despite being nervous when the Bride and Groom came in and everyone clapped and hollered, she did really well in that big group of people.

She also played with some older girls outside, and my mommy heart practically stopped in mid-beat when I watched her rephrase her request to one of the girls to being with a "May I", and then the girl reconsidered and gave in.  I wanted to do a victory dance right then... it's possible I did a sort of toned-down version so none of the kids would notice.

So check out my beautiful girl, and have a happy Monday.

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