Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moths and the Butterflies

Sometimes I am amazed to my core when my girl accidentally demonstrates to me how smart she is.

Yesterday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, she was examining some moths and butterflies behind a glass.  They were all mixed up, the butterflies and the moths, so I asked Maeve casually if she could point out to me the moths.  She got all of them.  This is after we read one book about moths together for about a week, almost a month ago.  And that book did not include any information on how to tell butterflies and moths apart.

She is also reading about five or six words.  She can recognize pop, stop, mom, zoo, me, no, and uh oh, plus a few more.  This is the result of just following words with my finger when I read, plus her big interest in typing on the computer.  I do encourage her to sound words out, but it's a little hard since I don't know all the 'rules' teachers use when teaching kids to read.  Like why does a double vowel make a long vowel, and how do you explain that?  I don't know.  At this point I just tell her, two o's make an ooh sound, and hope for the best.

Last brag, I am crazy proud of her math skills.  She's starting to get a handle on addition and subtraction concepts, and this is again mostly just us sitting around talking with her.  Like, you have five fruit snacks, how many will you have if you eat one?  She really seems to get it.  We got Pete the Cat and His Five Groovy Buttons this week from the library, and she understood immediately how to subtract one each time he loses a button.

What can I say?  I'm proud of my daughter.  I promise tomorrow's post will not be quite so braggy.  Unless she amazes me again today...

The moths are to the right, we hadn't gotten there yet when I snapped this one.  She's looking at beetles.

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