Monday, November 25, 2013

Turning Dust into Haze

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. ” ― Elinor Glyn

When Maeve was younger, Husband and I got to go on dates whenever we could fit them in.  I mean, we always went out for our anniversary and Valentine's Day, or very occasionally to see a movie we both wanted to see, but that was really about it.  Of course, when she was an actual baby, we got to have uninterrupted adult conversations sometimes, too.  But we didn't have any regularly scheduled date time.

After we moved up here, Maeve's godmother told us she wanted to make sure Husband and I got a regular, monthly date night, and that she would do her best to watch Maeve once a month for us.  Oh my goodness, it is such a great kindness from her and we appreciate it hugely! Especially now that we don't really get to have actual conversations when she's awake, at least not without regular Maeve interruption.

But the last few months have just been kind of crazy for everyone; I've been working a lot more, a friend of ours got married and we were all hosting out of town guests, big road trips were taken, and with all the goings-on, I realized Husband and I hadn't had a date in three months.  And suddenly, I intensely pined for some 'us' time.

So this weekend we took a lunchtime date and did some Christmas shopping, which was marvelous.  But three hours goes really fast when you don't have a kiddo with you!  And tonight Husband and I are going to go geek out at watch The Day of the Doctor in theaters, which is also going to be totally wonderful.  Especially after having gone without for a little while, I realize how much I need these nights to connect with my husband and really be with him.  So many thanks to Maeve's godmother and her grandmother who regularly make taking care of Maeve their priority, so that my husband and I can make being together a priority for us.

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