Friday, November 15, 2013

Running Low on Juices

Somehow, by the time I come to Friday, I have such a hard time coming up with a blog.  I always feel sort of sucked dry by the time Friday rolls around, and my brain is slow and logy, and nothing smart comes out.  Or, you know, fun, inspiring, entertaining, etc.  It's just a bleak, empty wasteland of a dull, throbbing hope that the weekend is on its way and I will soon get a break, of sorts.

Today, the kiddo and I are going to the zoo, and then out to lunch with Daddy, which should make for a super fun day.  And hopefully she'll nap afterward, since she woke up pretty early this morning.  I was just thinking to myself this morning that it seemed we'd finally broken the up-before-six pattern, and now we're right back into it.

Sorry this post is not funny or insightful or anything, I promise to come back from my weekend with the writing juices flowing again.  Or at least, I hope to.  Have a good weekend, all.

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