Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unreasonably Angry Small Person

Although I have never actually done so, it feels to me like living with Maeve is a bit like living with a person with bipolar disorder.  You just never know who's going to come downstairs in the morning.  Will it be sweet, funny, compliant, entertaining Maevie, or is this a day when Maeve the Hulk will tromp down the stairs with a resounding NO for every query.  There's just no way of knowing until it happens.

Of course, sometimes the Angry Hulk Child slowly converts into the Just Needs A Little Extra Attention Child, and that's fine with me.  But it's a kind of roulette, planning to take her to events more than a day in advance.  Sure, we'll come to your party, but I may have to bring the Unreasonably Angry Small Person with me.  Or possibly, she'll be Sparkling Child and charm the pants off everyone.  Or be so shy that no one even knows she's there because she hid under the table the whole time.

The emotion swing has a wide arc for my little one, I wonder if it will always be this way, or if she will learn a little balance, gain a bit of stability as time goes on.  I spend my days trying to teach her to breathe, to slow down and assess a situation before reacting, to find a calm place inside of her.  But so far, it doesn't really seem to be working.  Maybe it's too much to ask, to get a 3 year old to think rationally about her own emotions.  But we keep trying.

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