Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Lucky to Work

Having a job where I can bring Maeve is just amazing.  There are like five jobs in the whole world that would let me bring my three year old, and only two of them would be any fun for a kid.  She gets to play with new toys every time she goes, and sometimes there are activities for her to do, like storytime or crafts. And because of the layout of our store, I can keep an eye on what she's up to from almost anywhere in the store.

That doesn't mean that some days it isn't pretty hard, if she's in a bad mood, or some other kid at the store is loud and it freaks her out.  And it's really difficult to put her in time-out at the store, but I do the best I can. I'm so lucky to have the freedom to bring her along, and she gets to meet lots of other kids, which is really good for her.

Sometimes I keep her busy by letting her type words on the computer, which she loves, or she grabs an apron and "works".  I just have to keep up with her need to take off her shoes and socks all over the store, and try to keep the toys she plays with back where they belong.

I'll have her with me when I close tonight, so I hope she'll do reasonably well.  I think it's good practice for her to deal with me waiting on other people and not giving all my attention to her, and it's helping her grow a little patience.

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