Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Galactic Christmas Party

“And therefore, Uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that [Christmas] has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!” ― Charles DickensA Christmas Carol

I was trying to tell Maeve about the Christmas open house we're having this weekend; I was trying to explain that lots of our friends would be coming over to celebrate Christmas with us.  She grabbed that idea and ran with it:

Maeve: Mom!  We can have a HUGE feast and invite over everyone on Earth!!!  The whole GALAXY will come over to our house to celebrate Christmas!

Me: Um, who's going to make enough food for this giant feast?

Maeve: The whole EARTH will bring food!!!!  It will be the best Christmas feast EVER!

She may not have quite grasped the scale of the upcoming event, but I'm glad she's excited about it. And if you think about it, her idea sounds pretty Utopian, and I like that about her.  Peace on Earth and food for everyone, that's what we really need. :)

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