Monday, December 9, 2013

It's the Christmas Rush

It's just a week till my parents get here, which is just brilliant.  I only have another week to wait for the best hug of the year.  And I have just a few things to do while I'm waiting.

My Christmas cards are done, but I need to make some more goodies for the baskets I'm handing out this year, plus I need to clean for my Christmas open house next weekend.  We also have a garage door to get repaired (long story, not telling) and my car's fuel line needs to be fixed, as it's developed a leak. We all need haircuts, so a family salon trip is in order. Christmas choir music must be practiced, presents must be wrapped, and let's not forget the constant stream of laundry produced by an incontinent small person.

Oh yeah, most of the things on that list I get to try and take care of while taking incontinent small person with me wherever I go.  I love her desperately but really wish I didn't have to carry spare underwear and pants all the time.

I really love all the things I'm getting ready for - except maybe getting the car fixed, there's nothing fun about that - and all the work is totally going to be worth it.  I just have to keep the goal in mind while I busy myself this week.  At least now that all our Christmas decorations are up, the place feels magical again.

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