Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sledding and Shoveling Snow

I got her a sled this year.  Not in anticipation of traveling on an incline in any fashion, just for her to sit in while she gets pulled around, which as it turns out, was plenty of excitement.  And the snow was so fluffy yesterday that even traveling down the incline of our driveway, a pretty decent hill, didn't give her any momentum at all, I still had to pull.

The sled was a big hit, and so was the snow shovel.  I wanted to clear our sidewalk for when the kids came home from school, as we're on a major school-walking route, so I got out the shovel and got to work.  Maeve really wanted to help, so she gave it her best shot while I took a little break.  It turns out snow is a little heavy for her to lift, but she gave it a good shot.

I don't know how long we'll be able to play in the snow today, we kept it up yesterday partially because the work of clearing snow kept me warm enough for us to be out for almost a half an hour, which in 9 degree weather is a feat.  But you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be out again today, however briefly.  Maeve loves snow like she loves the words treat, surprise, and super-special.

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