Sunday, December 29, 2013

Waiting for the Future

"I hate waiting" - Indigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

Yesterday I went real estate scouting with my parents; I just drove them around a few areas I thought would be likely spots for them to consider moving in six years when my dad retires.  We found some great ones, too.  Big patios, nice finishes, not too huge in the square footage or the lawn, just right for future retirees. And less than ten minutes' drive from my house.  These things are important.

It was so fun to look, to know there's lots of properties out there close to our lake that would suit my parents, that they'd look forward to retiring to, and, say, being able to pick Maeve up after school.  I tell you, people who take your parents' proximity for granted, don't.  There are those of us who would gladly give up a spare limb just to have our parents in the same state as us.

Anyway.  It's so fun to think that six years isn't that far away.  Maeve will be ten when her grandparents on my side move back to Colorado, and although it feels like an eternity from here, I know that rationally it really isn't, that the time is going to blow by me pretty fast.  But like Indigo, I hate waiting.  If I meet The Doctor, I want him to fix it for me so that time speeds up for my parents but stays the same speed for me, so they can retire in half the time and get here while Maeve is still younger.  Would that work?  Maybe if I had The Doctor's help.  Or maybe if we won the lottery, that would work.

As usual, I'm trying to be where my butt is, and enjoy today, while my parents are with me, and not spend all my time wishing for statistically unlikely events.  But I tell you what, I'm ready for 2014, and to get one year closer to that golden year, six years from now.

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