Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Was a Year

Well, well, well, 2013, it's been fun.  But now you're like an old shoe, just worn out and full of memories.  As I sit here, blowing my nose, typing up a New Years' blog post, I look back and thing, holy, holy, holy.  How is it I forget the holiness of the moment so easily?  I learned from my imaginary friend Anne Lamott to always try and be where my butt is, as she so gracefully puts it, and I try, I really do.  But it is awfully easy to wish away the moments, and then suddenly look behind you at twelve months of wishes washing away.

But I did succeed sometimes, I really did.  I was there when my baby gave up diapers and her pacifier, when she learned to ride her tricycle and learned how to successfully carry a plate full of food down the stairs.  I watched her sound out her first word this year, and count to thirty, and memorize whole Beatles songs.  I mean, it's really been an amazing year.

And do you know what I did?  I got a real job for the first time since 2010, I successfully dropped my daughter off at several different locations without totally falling apart, I learned to cook countless new meals and trusted myself in the kitchen more than ever before.  I got a haircut, started wearing makeup again, and at least semi-regularly, hopped on my exercise bike.  I did things that made me happy, just because they made me happy.  I sang solos in choir, sometimes even confidently.  I became a member of my church, after not belonging anywhere for eight years.  And I kept this little blog running on nothing but 5am inspiration and coffee.

Next year?  Well, I don't really do the whole resolutions thing.  But Brene Brown has taught me: Only Love Today.  So I am aiming for that mantra, and I want to keep on trying to take care of myself, trying new things, finding new challenges at work and in writing, and being a better parent.  You know, the usual.

But here's my quick photo year in review, in case you want to walk down memory lane with me.

January girls' date while Daddy was out of town

Valentine's cookie decorating party!

Maeve's first carosel ride in March 2013

Happy 3rd birthday in April!

Rode her tricycle to the park in May

First Smores, first camping trip in June

Getting silly with Daddy in July, right before his surgery

Maeve and I were married in August ;)

Maeve loves the fall leaves of September

First trick or treating! Halloween 13!

Dressed up for a wedding in November

Helping Daddy decorate in December.

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  1. Sounds as if you had a very eventful and fruitful year, Clara. Congrats and all the best. -UJ