Friday, January 3, 2014

I Spoke Too Soon

Oh, how I spoke too soon yesterday.  Not two hours after publishing my post, I was faced with a screaming daughter whose EAR REALLY HURTS, MOMMY!  Thank heavens my husband was home sick from work, as we navigated trying to get an appointment with Maeve's doctor, not getting one til 4, then opting to go to Urgent Care for some more hurry up and wait while Maeve cried and cried because it HURT.

Thank heavens, also, that the doc there took pity on my Maevie and gave her some ear drops that helped stop the immediate pain.  She was finally able to calm down, and even did a good job taking her amoxicillin when her prescription was finally ready.

I will state for the record that this is only Maeve's second-ever ear infection, she hasn't had one since she was like six months old, so I am very, very grateful we haven't been going through this all the time like some kiddos who are prone to them do.  I would also like to say that if I never have another day like yesterday, it'll be too soon.  That is all.

My fierce girl!

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