Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not Lasts, Just Fun

How do you take a day of lasts and turn it into a super fun day you won't soon forget?  I don't know, but that's what I'm working on today.  My parents are spending quite a bit of the day with us, from a morning at the museum to dinner in the evening, and it's my job just to enjoy today and not make it sadder than it needs to be.

It's a delicate balance of denial and avoidance up there in the noggin, while trying to keep myself busy enough to keep from thinking about how I feel.  Usually, I'm not a big advocate of avoidance, I try to just sit with my feelings and let them happen, but I don't want my feelings to interrupt my most special last day with my parents.  I'll let them all out tonight, after Maeve is in bed, with any luck.

One of those dang things about a parent is you owe it to your kid to not ruin their day or interfere with their emotions too much by showing everything you're feeling.  Now, Maeve is guaranteed to make me cry over and over in the next few days, as she'll be asking me ten times a day why we can't see Grandma and Grandpa anymore, or when Daddy will be home to kiss her goodnight again.  

But I have some fantastic friends who'll be coming to spend time with us while Daddy is gone, and who we'll go visit next week.  So hopefully Maeve won't notice so much who's not there as much as all the people she's seeing and playing with.  And is it too much to hope I can play the same trick on myself?


  1. I live far away from my parents sucks, doesn't it?!