Thursday, January 9, 2014

On The Other Side

Okay, I'm pretty proud of myself, as I only really cried hard for about ten minutes, then managed to be cool for the rest of the night.  And I didn't even cry myself to sleep, so, progress.

Of course, now the child has woken up nearly an hour early and refuses to be mollified by the tv, so I'm up a creek again. And she's doing that thing where she sings manipulative songs which strongly suggest the correct course of action for Mommy, as she's noticed we sing these kinds of songs to her.  If you waaaant cakes for you and me, you got to plaaaaaay with meeeeeee!

But here we are, on what is generally the worst day of the year, and I think I will probably pull through. I will apply myself to getting ready for Daddy's trip and Maeve's godmother's stay with us, because she is my saving grace this upcoming week.  She's going to stay with us in our guest room so I'll have someone to talk to in the evenings, someone else to cook for, someone to hang out with Maeve while I run quick errands or just take a breather.  And thank heavens for that.

At least we had a brilliant day yesterday.

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