Thursday, February 13, 2014

I've Got a Project

So I'm working on a new project; not too big, but something worth my time. I've gone back through all my posts here and at Get Born and pulled all the poems I wrote, and I'm compiling them into a short e-book which I'll publish through Amazon for the Kindle format. I figure, if I ever want people to take my writing seriously, it can't hurt to self-publish a short volume to gauge interest and get the word out about my writing a little.

I don't fully understand the Amazon pricing structure yet, but my plan is to charge somewhere around $3 a copy for my small volume of poetry. Any money I make will go straight into Maeve's college fund, like all my writing-based income does. And I haven't had anything to put in there in awhile, so it would be nice to be able to add a little to her college savings again.

My plan is to have the e-book ready to go before Mother's Day, so that it might be a nice little something to pick up for a mom. I'll let you know once it goes on sale, all the details and such. I just wanted to let you, my blog friends, know what I was working on, if for no more reason to apologize for not having anything else to write about today. Also my kid woke up at 5 today so the brain is still in low gear.

But here's Maeve, playing trains at our library.

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  1. where's the pre-order link?? congratulations on going forward with your next step. the kindle community will be richer for it =)