Monday, March 3, 2014

Apologies in the Car

Me: (Singing along to the cd player in the car.)

Maeve: (very quietly, from the backseat): Mom, I'm sorry.

Me: (Immediately turns down the radio) You're sorry for what, honey?

Maeve: I'm sorry I mumble mumble mumble.

Me: Maeve, I can't hear you, please tell me, what are you sorry for?

Maeve: I'm sorry I... put the seed up my nose.

Me: Okay. (Deep breath) Did it come back out of your nose?

Maeve: ...yes.

Me: (Breathing again now) Okay. Okay. That's good. Let's not EVER EVER put ANYTHING in your nose EVER AGAIN, okay?

Maeve: okay

Me: And PLEASE remember what I said about not doing "experiments" in the back seat of the car, okay? If you have a good idea for an experiment, you need to run it past me first, then we can do it TOGETHER, at HOME.

Maeve: okay.

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