Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The One Dollar Kite

The infamous One Dollar kite, emblazoned with "Lightening The Queen", may end up going down in history, in this family, at least. We brought it with us to the park yesterday, and it proved its mettle beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The apparatus appears flimsy, to say the least. It's make of a thin sheet of vinyl, thin plastic rods, and twine so thin it looks like floss. But somehow this combination is not only extremely flight-worthy, it's also unreasonably sturdy.

For this one-dollar kite got itself tangled in not one, but four trees yesterday, and was removed three of those times by strident tugging, right through leaf-bare branches, and it doesn't have a scratch on it. Once, it flew out of the hand of its flyer and the wind was so strong it was pulled up so that the handle was caught in a tree.  The kite flew itself for some time, then finally the handle worked its way out of the branches and landed politely in a tennis court so I could go fetch it before it flew away.

May I add, the thing flies like a charm? I'm willing to admit yesterday was really an excellent day for kite flying, but my child managed to get and keep the thing airborne with very little effort, which is really what you're looking for in a kite for an almost-four-year-old.

And the darn thing only cost $1. It was literally from the dollar store. So I say, give dollar store kites a try! You will be shocked at how well they hold up, and how well they fly. Really!

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