Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring and Fist-Bumps

Some days, despite being totally crazy, my daughter just takes my breath away.

We have loved looking at all our bushes and trees every day, seeing the emerging new life of leaves and flower buds. I am in the habit of talking to plants to encourage them, since there's been a little research indicating that it works. And after such a long fall and winter, I frankly feel excited to see spring coming around the bend at last.

So I guess it's not really a surprise that Maeve was fist-bumping new buds on our bushes yesterday.  I asked her, concerned that she was hitting the plant, what was going on, and she told me: Mom, I'm just fist-bumping the bush because it's growing!

This is the same girl that started waving at trees before she waved at people.

I love that about her.

New bug net = haute couture

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