Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wanton Destruction of Property

"You don't want the world destroyed, because, you know, that's where your shoes are." -Patrick Rothfuss

So I wrote about it on Facebook right after it happened yesterday, but if you'd peeked into my downstairs window yesterday around 2 in the afternoon, you would have seen me weeping, scrubbing my cherished antique desk with a magic eraser, while simultaneously lecturing Maeve on the appropriate surfaces for the use of markers.

Oh my gosh, I love the magic eraser.

I wasn't really prepared for yesterday. I mean, I could tell she was up to something while I was practicing my choir music, but I foolishly hoped it wasn't too terrible. But Maeve has not previously been the Destroyer of Worlds, she's not a particularly, shall we say, artistic kid. In fact, this is only really the second time she has colored on something I couldn't fix.

Which is probably why I got a little hysterical when I saw what she had scribbled on with a hot pink Sharpie.

She also drew all over her arm with it, told me she wanted a tattoo like Daddy and Grandpa Dale. Which in the scheme of things was not a big deal, but oh. Gonna have to have a talk about how real tattoos are forever and take a lot of forethought.

I give myself credit, though. I didn't even get close to setting the child out on the step to sell to the Circus. I mean, I kind of cried at her and freaked her out, but I figured that was punishment enough.

Apparently, the 3-4 range is going to be the years of me finding her up to her eyebrows in trouble when left alone for ten minutes... remember the green food coloring incident?

The Culprit.

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