Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekday Update: Dateline Doggy

So here's the news bulletin from Maeve's Momma's house.

Item one: Best news yet: Patches is getting a handle on doing his business outside. We are at about a 50% success rate, and that's 50% less poop and pee for me to scrub out of the carpet.

Item two: Also excellent news: We left Patches on his own for the first time yesterday for a half an hour and he did absolutely perfectly. Nothing chewed to bits, no puddles on the floor. Today we will try for an hour.

Item three: Pretty good: Behavior on Maeve's part is improving, she did not have any hours-long tantrums while I was home with her yesterday. I hear after I left for choir was not so good, but this is still a big improvement over the weekend.

Item four: Excellence: Convincing Maeve that Patches would chew her toys if she left them out upstairs has caused a real Renaissance in cleaning up. Upstairs area is much less cluttered than previous.

Item Five: Trying to find a solution for this: Taking Patches out to potty right before bed gets him all wound up. How do you calm down your dogs after their evening potty break? Patches did laps around the house for almost an hour...

And that's the latest news from our house. Have a great Tuesday! More updates to follow!

Patches and Mommy mugging for the camera

Park trip! 

He was pretty tuckered out by the time we got there! 2 blocks is a long ways!

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