Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Springtime in the Rockies

June in Colorado is a glory. It is all sunshine and rainbows and glitter at this time of the year. Sunny mornings, afternoon showers so you don't have to water your lawn or garden, cooled off evenings perfect for relaxing on the porch.

Oh, it's still May? I get ahead of myself. But soon it will be June, and June will be a smash, too, I'm certain.

These days are perfection itself; these days are why people move to this beautiful, breathtaking state. Seriously. You may think it's expensive to live here compared to other states in the nation, but you get what you pay for, people.

So here are just a few pics of our glorious, sunshiny weekend. Absolute perfection.

Maeve and Patches just hanging on the porch

Happy Momma

Daddy and Maeve at the park

Splash time!!!

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