Friday, May 9, 2014

Sand, My Tiny, Grainy Nemesis

“Sand in reality is nothing else than very small stones.” ― Axel Fredrik Cronstedt

I can't remember when it was that I started hating sand. The texture. The ubiquity. The gosh-awful feel of it between your fingers, toes, and other unwelcome places. The way it gets clingy when it's wet. I don't even like the smell.

Maeve does not feel the same way. If she knew kids could have sandboxes at home, you can bet I'd be hearing about it, but for now I'm off the hook. Which is good. Because if we had one, I'd have to hose her off with a high-pressure hose everyday, and no one would like that.

She loves sand, so I indulge her every now and then.

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