Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can We Build It? Yes!

I like that my child is an equal-opportunity tv watcher as far as gendered marketing is concerned. What I mean to say is, her two favorite shows right now are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Bob the Builder. She keeps daydreaming aloud to me about being a truck driver or a construction worker when she grows up, to which I give my standard reply, that she would be great at that if she studied and worked hard.

We watched a Bob the Builder special with lots of actual construction footage all about how bridges and roads are built yesterday. Maeve was obviously fascinated, so I was trying to think of something hands-on we could do afterwards. Suddenly it came to me: marshmallow and toothpick construction!

Of course Maeve was a huge fan of building with marshmallows, they're one of her favorite candies, plus lots of tactile fun to play with. We built a bridge together, and then Maeve made a trapezoid all by herself. Then we built a tower together to see how high we could go... it turns out marshmallow/toothpick towers are only stable for about 3 levels.

I can say for certain that if one could get an engineering degree solely with confections and toothpicks, Maeve would have already gotten one!

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