Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Dad's Name is Dad

Last year I did a little interview with Maeve for Father's Day which you can check out here. But this year, her answers have changed a little, so here's the official 4 year old Father's Day interview:
Oops. That last line should say he plays with me and he eats with me. I don't know how that got cut off. Anyway, I really like that she thinks Daddy is good at giving her duckie treats - she was apparently referring to Peeps at Easter. Happy memories, I guess...?

It goes without saying that Maeve's daddy is a fabulous Dad, but I would hate to go without saying it. He's so great at dropping what he's doing and joining in whatever she asks, even gamely doing Garfield voices, or whatever character is being requested today. He excels at showing Maeve how things work, letting her help take them apart and put them back together. I am grateful for him every single day!

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