Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Love How She Talks

The way she says things can make me laugh, sometimes. I try not to let on, because I honestly enjoy her little malapropisms; despite my grammar nazi reputation, I don't spend time correcting the child's English.

She almost doesn't say it anymore, but one of my favorites is when she says one-eth, two-eth, three-eth for first, second, third. And taken from a misunderstanding from The Lego Movie, she thinks the word undermine means understand. I caught her lecturing the dog once, and she ended with, Now, do you undermine me?

She's actually very accurate at conjugating verbs, with just a few tricky hangers-on that she hasn't gotten yet because they're so irregular. Go-ed happens pretty regularly, as does be-ed, but bless her, those are maybe the two trickiest verbs in English. But she does a work-around sometimes, using was going or was being since those are more regular.

Sometimes I miss all the cute things she used to say when she was smaller still, like pock-a-sick-o for popsicle, or when she was so little she called the planets pwanets: Muh-cyuh-wee, Bee-nus, Urf, Maws, Jupitah, Satuuwn, Uwanus, and Nep-too.

I know I'm not getting those days back, so I thought I'd record her current cute goofs for my own sake. I mean, the child is getting to be so good at speaking these days that she can pronounce sarcophagus and circulatory so clearly that my phone's language recognition program can understand her just fine. Do you undermine me?

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