Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Retired Teachers Can Be Generous!

Oh, how I appreciate retiring teachers getting rid of their gently-used classroom materials!

Yesterday, Maeve and I drove out to a local woman's house to buy from her some super cool mummy kits, from her old classroom. She very sweetly asked Maeve a few questions and was friendly and chatty, and for a pittance, we scored two identical kits for learning about mummies!

We spent some time yesterday trying to make canopic jars for the kit, since it came with lids and no jars. I pulled some cardboard out of the recycling bin and got to work making storage jars for all the organs that can be removed from the mummy models.

It reminds me of a few years ago when a retiring teacher in our neighborhood had a garage sale, where we bought armloads of books, and some literary stuffed animals including Paddington. She was so sweet and kept trying to get us to take more books! And of course, my aunt who retired from teaching kindergarten years and years ago, but often pulls all kinds of goodies out of her stores to give to Maeve.


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