Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maeve is Trying New Foods!

Don't jinx it... don't jinx it... don't jinx it... don't jinx it...

I'm hoping I won't jinx it by writing about it, but Maeve seems to have turned over a new leaf in the food-trying department. It seemed to start last week when we ordered in Indian food and there were lots of new things to try. She ate a whole plate of Chicken Biryani, and tried chapatti, even dipped in chutney! Now, she didn't care for the chapatti, but she tried so many new things, I was amazed and proud!

Maeve's usual mode of trying new foods is either a) Fight to the death not to put it in her mouth or b) Taste the tiniest portion possible, declare it delicious, and refuse to eat any more. Whether a or b method was used depended on how vegetable-y the food looked, and her general mood at the time.

But last Sunday night, Daddy made his famous fish n chips, and Maeve, I kid you not, ate one and a half fillets! This coming from a child who has never allowed seafood to pass her lips, ever! You could have knocked me over with a feather!

It is so freeing, knowing she's willing to try so many new things! It gives me glimmers of hope that the child won't be eating just mac and cheese and hot dogs when she heads off to college. Do you think she'll try my Zuppa Toscana tonight? We'll see!

Of course, trying a new Ben and Jerry's flavor is not too big a challenge!

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