Monday, July 28, 2014

Her Friend's Birthday of Science!

We had such a precious time at Maeve's friend B's birthday this weekend. B is such an awesome kid, and he had a fantastic birthday party theme: science. Yep, that's right, a science birthday party! The kids got to participate in experiments of several varieties, and there were safety goggles for party favors! Daddy volunteered to help run one of the experiments, and he loved explaining the exothermic reaction (or Elephant Toothpaste) to the kiddos, aged 2-8.

They also got to make a play goop/slime, an "ocean in a bottle", and pretend snow, all of which came home with them! And B's birthday cake was so awesome, it had beakers full of dry ice on top! Best of all, Maeve got to eat birthday cake at another kid's party for the first time! I used to have to bring her chocolate pudding because of the dairy/egg allergy issues.

You really couldn't have planned a cooler, more fun birthday party! I was definitely taking mental notes in case Maeve wants a science birthday someday! She had an absolute blast!

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