Monday, July 21, 2014

It's a Mummified Baby Squirrel!

"...and then they wrapped the mummies in cloth, and took out their organs, and buried them in sarcophagus covered in stories and paintings, in giant tombs." Maeve took delight in explaining the details of mummification to another boy her age on the playground yesterday, and I thought to myself, oh boy, school is going to be so fun for Maeve. She will have a chance to educate everybody about her favorite subjects.

And one of her favorite subjects right now is mummies. She and Daddy took turns drawing mummified animals on our way to the restaurant on Saturday night, including a mummified baby squirrel for whatever reason. She was particularly careful to make sure her mummies had no eyes, because she's very clear on that detail, in contrast to cartoon mummies on tv. Maeve has clarified with me that tv cartoon mummies are all wrong because they have eyes.

Yesterday we watched the very excellent Reading Rainbow episode on mummies, which she totally loved. Maybe I can get her hooked on that show yet! I'll leave the link here in case any of you want to catch up on your mummy facts, or you like to see LeVar Burton talking to a camel.

I'm going to let her "mummify" a baby doll today, maybe we'll even make a sarcophagus together. It should be fun!

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